Talent Transformation


When I was little, I loved to build things. I would have developed them in my head, and then I tried to translate my projects into reality. Unfortunately, for me, my parents only half supported my interest, and when I grew up, it disappeared in the background. Now I know that this activity is one of my natural talents, but the lack of support has turned natural talent transformation.

Opportunities are opportunities that require action to transform in reality. Everyone heard the phrase “lost an opportunity”, or they felt as if they had missed this opportunity. Both focus on external capabilities, which may not be displayed again and may, in fact, be lost. This is where good HR solutions help you not to miss out.

There is another possibility that may not have been used yet, but it is far from being lost. These opportunities are inactive talents, which every person must patiently wait until they are recognized and active. Unlike their external colleagues, these internal opportunities cannot be “lost” because they always exist. They can be lost if you do not want to make an effort to discover them and initiate the necessary actions to turn them into talents.

Being an adult, I was repeatedly attracted by construction projects in the house and, finally, one of the greatest adventures of my life, the construction of my own house. It was a grandiose event that took seven years and required tremendous effort, concentration and new training, but at the same time, a long-hidden opportunity arose as a natural talent, with HR solutions able to help companies to identify the talent they need.

Internal opportunities are natural abilities that are hidden to you, that you do not know or, as in my case, were suppressed. They can be hidden because the early expression of punishment is punished instead of reward. They can be hidden from you because the early expression was not protected and boasted. You may not know them, because you do not consider them exceptional or special. The reason they are hidden from you is not important.

It is important to open them and learn how to make the most of them. Such opportunities as you have muscles, but you never train. They work, but it’s bad and without much effect. The good news is that, as unused muscles, these opportunities can be consciously realized and strengthened.

Hidden opportunities deprive you of the possibility of your whole life and prevent the shine of your natural talents. To do more of what you do best, you must use all your talents to the fullest. Turning your abilities into talents is an important step.