Some Google Updates to keep in mind before doing SEO.

No one can deny the importance of SEO for a site, but it is also true that not all SEO is good.

SEO professionals at SEO company in Indore always emphasis on the point that SEO is a process that takes time and consistent efforts to reap results. Some SEO techniques may reap immediate result while others may take time. However, SEO methods that are lengthy and time taking are also effective in the long run while those SEO techniques that are quick to show result may ruin the site ranking eventually.

Over these years, Search Engines have mastered themselves in picking out good sites from bad ones. They prefer ranking only those sites that offer content worth showing. These search engines have incorporated numerous changes into their algorithm to push down sites which offer little to no good to a user.

These algorithm updates may bring bad news to an SEO expert who does not keep abreast with the changing trends of SEO. So, let’s look into a few Google Updates which may bring down your website SEO ranking.

Google Panda

Through this update, Google evaluates the content quality of a website. Websites that have a high number of good-quality content are ranking on top while those without are pushed down in the SERP.

But what made Google come up with Panda Update?

Poor quality content: The internet is filled with content, and not all content are worth spending time on. Poorly written content with unappealing images and distractive designs will turn off anyone. Content that negatively affects user experience should be on your website. Likewise, content that offers little to no value to a reader can also cause Google to take action on your site.

Google also frowns upon websites that have duplicate or copied content.

Google Penguin

Unlike Panda update, Penguin update evaluates a website based on the links that are attached to it.

We all know how important it is to generate backlinks for a website, but it is also worth remembering that links coming from dubious sites are not suitable for a website’s health.

Previously, websites would take up black hat SEO methods to build links which usually involved buying links, building weak quality links, and keyword stuffing to start with.

Through Penguin update, Google can deindex sites that rely upon these backlink building tactics or even penalize them.

Google Pigeon

Google has two separate algorithms, one each for traditional search and local search. But the two algorithms were not compatible with others and resulted in fewer good search results.

Through this update, Google ranks a website on the basis of its business location and proximity to its user. 

Since as a business you cannot manipulate the distance between you and your users, you can do everything to make them come to you.

Start off with producing quality content and strong link building plan. Location-specific keyword research is very essential when it comes to local SEO.

Reviews, testimonials, and ratings play a crucial role in determining the ranking of a business in Local SEO; thus, give equal importance to it as well.