Luxury bed linen

If you want to give a new look to your bedroom, shopping for new bed linens are a must and if it luxury bed linen, it would be tremendous. Actually while getting new sheets, you need to depend on a lot of things such as price tag, your bedroom design, your color and looks of your bedroom, which color of bedsheet you want to choose and what quality would you prefer. Other than that, you also need to have a basic knowledge of fabrics.

Actually, if you do not have knowledge about the quality and kinds of the material, you will end up buying the low-quality ones which would be a waste of money. It is also a waste of money if you try to buy the expensive bed sheets that seem to be of top quality but doesn’t provide comfort at all. So basically when we try to buy a bedsheet online, we keep two things in our mind – comfort and the color of the bed sheet. Since you have so many options, these would confuse you a lot. So how to get the right one? Let’s check the common quality of luxury bed linen:

Cotton: The most easily available, the affordable and the most popular fabric, cotton bedsheets are the most luxurious and soft ones and it produces high-quality linens. It is easy to maintain and very durable. The fine cotton threads make the bedsheets very soft and comfortable. There are a number of different types of cotton available:

  • Egyptian cotton
  • Upland cotton
  • Pima cotton
  • Supima
  • Micro

Flannel: These fabrics are beneficial during winter season especially in cold places. The quality of the product is excellent as it traps heat and provides a warmth and coziness. It is actually a kind of cotton which is fluffed to form fibers.

Tencel: It is a type of fabric available from the wood pulp of eucalyptus tree. So it is known to be environmentally friendly and anti-microbial. The quality of the fabric provides a great comfort due to its durable and soft nature.

 Silk: Very much luxurious and very smooth, silk bedsheets are used for romantic nights. The delicate fiber needs to be handled with a lot of care.

Polyester: Made from polymers, polyester is basically a manmade fiber. It is very much cheap and easily available. It is basically used in children’s bedroom.