Know How to Evaluate the Best Trusted Animal Hospitals in Virginia Beach

Whether you just adopted a kitten or you’re moving to a new city, finding a vet who meets your needs is as important as selecting the right family physician. Here’s how to sniff out the best Virginia Beach Veterinary hospitals in the pack: 

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Take Suggestions 

Start by asking family, friends, dog walkers and neighbors where they take their pets. You trust opinions from people that you know, so you can start visiting Animal Hospitals in Virginia Beach with extra confidence if they come recommended.

Check It Out

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), offers an online search for accredited Virginia Beach Veterinary hospitals. Accredited practices have completed the application process of the AAHA. Accreditation includes an on-site visit to evaluate facilities, staff training and more.


Make a list of your top three choices and call the selected Animal Hospitals in Virginia Beach to know about a tour or meet-and-greet with your pet. One of the most effective ways to know whether the relationship between the vet, your pet and you is going to work is to schedule a routine health check.

Visit the Premises

When the premises such as location, accessibility or parking, are a concern, survey the parking lot- are there any grassy areas where you can take your pet for a quick stop before or after an appointment? Is the parking lot so busy that you fear getting your pet hit on the way into the hospital?Assess the waiting room, ask about the wait times, see if they have separate arrangements for different animals to keep calm environment, if they have educational materials in their waiting rooms to help you learn about medical conditions or how to handle new pets.


Try to find out answers to various questions like what are their qualifications, what equipment is on-site, are any tests or treatments outsourced, if there are top-notch specialists in the neighborhood, do they provide emergency care,who decides which vet will treat your pet,what are their visiting hours, and so on.

Feel It Out

The vet’s ability to communicate and show compassion are important factors for choosing a veterinarian. Good communication includes involving you in the decision-making process, explaining conditions or treatments as much or as little as you wish to know and giving you the opportunity to express any concerns without rushing.

Fees and Facilities

When comparing prices, keep in mind that one vet’s price for a specific treatment may include pain killing medication and monitoring while another vet’s price may not include these necessary treatments; ask for the total price for a procedure. All clinics will have varying overhead costs.