Fastest and safest food courier services

PDQ Cold Call is one of the fastest, exclusive and safest International Food Courier Services for food items from the UK to rest of the world for sending the International courier for Food items/products.

Encash on this Wonderful Opportunity
We have created a brand by itself by specializing as an exclusive international food courier service provider for International food products worldwide.

Customers staying abroad need not have to feel deprived of enjoying the food/delicacies now. All a customer has to do is either mail all their International food product requirements and fill in one of the pickup request forms and we precisely assure that we will either purchase your required food products or pick up from your near and dear ones, or from your desired given address and dispatch it safely to your preferred destination anywhere around the globe.

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We like to exclusively specify that International Food products Specialists package applies mainly on the domestic front for collective families who would want to ship international food products to their near and dear ones worldwide.

Taking your needs into consideration, we have gone one step ahead for maintaining a consistent relationship with families by offering unmatched discounts which incredible in the market. They assure this package called International Food Products Specialists exclusively introduced by us is the right option for families/individuals to encash on this golden opportunity of sending food products abroad.

At we firmly believe in Survival of the Fittest because in this era of Advanced Information Technology they to be on a war footing always to ensure that all shipments are delivered safe, sound and efficiently at the customer’s doorstep. Couriers have been doing this for the past two decades, and that is the reason they are successfully competing on a global scale with any other able competitors.

Sweets, Snacks, Spices, Rice, Grocery, Jaggery, Savories, Homemade Eatables, Toiletries, Furnishing/Wood Items, Home Appliances, Electrical/Electronic Appliances, Complete Households, Pulses, Handicrafts, Stationery, Garments, Gifts and much more.

Important Features and Benefits of shipping your International Food Products with PDQ Cold Call
• Free Door Pickup/ Delivery.
• Free packing of your International Food Products shipments.
• 100% online confirmations for every shipment.
• Self Customs clearance.
• Complete paperwork formalities are done by us without bothering the customers.