Top Engineering Branches: Which one would you prefer?

Engineering being one of the best sought after career is gaining its peak popularity. And with the addition of new engineering fields every day, to already a long list is able to succeed in creating a lot of excitement among students. Evergreen engineering branches like Civil, Mechanical and electrical remain favourite among Indian students but with the emergence of new courses in the field engineering like, Computer Science, Electrical & Electronics engineering , Electronics and Communication etc are also gaining pace. It sometimes becomes very difficult for a student to choose between all the lucrative fields. The best engineering colleges in Indore offers latest choices in the field of technical education to the students. In the last decade there is a steep increase in the number of colleges in MP and most of them are catering to the requirement of quality education to the students. The admission process to most of the engineering colleges in MP is governed by the professional exam board and the top scorer students easily get admissions in the best Engineering colleges in MP. Course offered by most of the engineering colleges is B.E/ B.Tech with specialisation in computer science, Information and Technology, Electronics and Electrical Engineering etc.  But before choosing the course students should weigh the pros and cons of all the traditional as well as the contemporary fields. Let’s discuss the points students should keep in mind while deciding for the best suited field.

Engineering fields seem very exciting and if someone really want to pursue a career in them, then before finalizing one should take into consideration these below mention factors.

  1. How many engineering colleges are operating in India and abroad offering the course?
  2. Is the course accepted and by the industry?
  3. The fee structure of the college where a student can get admission and is affordable for him
  4. It is also important to identify the affiliation of the college and the courses it offers.
  5. What is the scope of the course and chances of In India and abroad?
  6. What are the remuneration packages that are generally offered to fresh graduates in the chosen field?
  7. A survey of all the emerging branches of engineering that will come into the demand in near future. Sometimes lack of awareness may keep students deprived of latest courses.

A visit to technical career counsellor can also help a student in deciding the best possible option. Sometimes students run after the latest courses and limit their employability. Recently Civil Engineering has made a glorious comeback among the top engineering branches in India with the boom in Infrastructure projects rolled out by the government for the subsequently few years thus making it a hot cake among students who have the passion for building designing, construction and management. This stream of engineering is evergreen, fast moving, challenging and rewarding and never fails to attract students. Other fields like Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), and Information Technology also leading choices among students with strong mathematical and logical skills.