Car accessories for every kind of cars

The car accessory market is huge. There are all kinds of accessories available in the market for cars of every sort. However, there are a few accessories that can prove to be extremely dangerous and hazardous.

Boot liners
The standard PVC boot liner is universal and then trimmed to fit by the end user. It is ideally developed for simple shaping but in essence flat in nature.

Alternatively, there are boot liners made from rubber which have a raised internal area and are tailored to fit the flat space within the boot. These are usually non-slip for the top surface and the internal area designed to prevent spillages or liquid leakages across the rest of the vehicle boot space.

boot liner

These can usually be rolled to then be portable and removed with ease and replaced if necessary.

There are also boot liners which are with a very high raised lip usually made from TPE or a form of thermoplastic material that is vacuum formed to offer protection right up to the sides. Whilst they offer good protection, they are much less flexible regarding removal and cleaning.

Steering covers
Many people put steering cover to make it look good and also get a better grip of the steering. However, there have been many instances where the poorly designed steering cover can slip on the steering wheel, and the driver can lose control of the situation.

Colored fog lamps and headlamps
Many people put a yellow sheet on the headlamps during low visibility conditions. The low-quality film can reduce the intensity of the headlamp or the fog lamp and can worsen the visibility. Such colored films also disperse light more so the headlamps, and the fog lamps lose their focus.

Lamp black-out kits
A lot of people use black tint on the tail lamp and headlamp to make the vehicle look more aggressive. However, such black out kits stop the lamps from functioning properly. They may look cool, but during the night, the intensity of the lamps drops severely, causing low visibility. Blacking out tail lamps create a lot of problems to the other people on the road as they cannot notice the vehicle’s brake lamp properly.

Rear tray showpieces
Many vehicle owners like to put showpieces on display on the rear tray of the boot. Various things from soft toys to pillows can be seen on the rear tray of the vehicles. Such things block the view on the rear view mirrors that in turn can prove dangerous. On hard braking, such show pieces can dislodge and can hit people sitting in the car and cause distraction.

Roof-mounted video players
Roof-mounted video players are not very common in private cars, but a lot of taxi fleet vehicles have it. The roof-mounted video players can cause a distraction in various ways to the driver.

Color changing headlamps/tail lamps
Many people use flashing lights in the headlamps and the tail lamps. Such flashing lights are incredibly distracting to the other people on the road. Also, the flashing lights do not provide enough light to illuminate the path ahead.

Aftermarket electrical
Many aftermarket car accessories need a change in the wiring of the vehicle. For example, adding a high-end audio system or changing the regular headlamps to xenon headlamps need a lot of alterations in the wiring.

Steering spinners
Steering spinners are also known as suicide knobs, and they are extremely dangerous to use. They are placed on the steering wheel and can be used to turn the steering wheel with ease quickly. The steering knobs are not recommended by any car manufacturer and are only available in the aftermarket.